We Are Like Ninjas

No Chachi today my friends. For you see, today is the day that I, Dr. Doktor Muerte, am getting married to the most spectacular person on the planet. How spectacular? Here’s a small example, the logo you see above factors prominently in today’s celebration. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the cover of our guestbook:

The simple fact that the logo you see here factors is prominently in today’s celebration is just one of the many reasons I am a very lucky man.

Now, I’m off to get married.

Back tomorrow with more stuff,

Doc Muerte

The Munch Stops Here… For Now.

Here it is, the final escapee from my (say this quietly, if at all) “Munchie Period” vaults.

This is my tribute to that fine genre of film, the chimp movie. The chimp in this picture seems to be a chimp shaped proto-Chachi.

Hmmm, Chachi. I wonder what he’s up to these days?

Back tomorrow with more stuff, more stuff indeed,

Doc Muerte

Smashing Party

Yep, we’re still raiding my (shhhh!) “Munchie Period” vaults today.┬áIf you are growing weary of Munchie, fear not, come Tuesday 9/20 we will be sealing the Munchie vaults up again for a while. If you’re not growing weary of Munchie and are even fond of him, you have no reason to fear either, for Munchie will return.

What is going to take Munchie’s place? Something good my friends, you’re going to enjoy it, I think.

Back tomorrow with more stuff,

Doc Muerte