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Shirts! T-Shirts! Those 4 designs you see above are available now from me over at my new site In addition to shirts and whatnot, Mondo Mosher will be my main site going forward. I will leave Mondo Chachi up, but the updates they may not happen for a while.

Stay tuned for more stuff (at Mondo Mosher),

Geoff Mosher (a popular cartoonist)

Another Shirt That Isn’t a Horse


That’s right, you can now let the world know that your other shirt is a horse by buying this shirt that says “MY OTHER SHIRT IS A HORSE” and who wouldn’t want to let the world know that?

In other news, I didn’t make it to Carmine Street Comics last weekend because it was raining, so no chalk stuff this week. I probably will not make it out there again this weekend, because once again it is supposed to rain.

In other, other news, I recently finished a one page comic that may, or may not become part of the book thing that is currently known as Chachi #2, but that name may change. So, hey new comics are coming.

Also, you should head on over to today and check out the madness that Mondo Chachi’s own Dr. Doktor Muerte is inflicting on the fine folks over there.

Also, also, if you want to see what I’m drawing on a daily basis, follow me on Instagram. Just look for MONDOMOSHER and you’ll get to see stuff like this sketch from today:


That’s all for now, Awesome Visitants.

Stay tuned for more stuff,

Geoff Mosher (a popular cartoonist)

Chalked in a World He Never Made! Howard the Duck

Carmine Street Comics, last Saturday (7/12/14), I drew Howard the Duck in chalk on the sidewalk. As is often the case with these chalk things done during the Summer, that damn tree shadow appeared and made it difficult for me to get a good picture. The ones in this post are the best ones that I could get:

HTD Site 1

HTD Site 2

Tomorrow, I have a plan to defeat the tree shadow once and for all. Can you guess what it might be, Awesome Visitants? That’s right! I’m going to draw on a part of the sidewalk that the tree shadow can not reach. Ha! Brilliant! And to think it only took me several months to come up with such a cunning plan.

Back to the duck. Being a hug fan of Steve Gerber and Howard the Duck, I have wanted to do a Howard chalk-thing outside of Carmine Street Comics for about as long as I’ve been doing these chalk-things. The problem was, I just couldn’t figure out what the angle should be. That is, until last week, when I found myself locked up in the Sauerbraten County Medical Facility where KISS materialized out of the head of a friend (this friend, as it turns out, was also locked up in the Sauerbraten County Medical Facility) and during this odd visitation by KISS, Peter Criss (or someone playing Peter Criss’ Catman character, who can tell these days?) told me that “Howard the Duck” was on HBO right now. 

After KISS vanished back into my friend’s head and after I finished watching “Howard the Duck”, “The Beastmaster” and half of “Disorderlies” , I got to thinking and that thinking lead me to the conclusion that Howard the Duck, the comic character, probably wouldn’t be a big fan of comic book movies and the rest as they say is history.

I was going to continue this post with a personal anecdote about the disastrous mega-bomb movie that is known as “Howard the Duck”, but that will have to wait for another time. It’s been a long week and I still have a ton of crap to do, before doing more crap and then when that’s done, there’s some shit I need to get around to. So, I tell you that story eventually, maybe, who the hell knows?

Stay tuned for more stuff,

Geoff Mosher (a popular cartoonist)

Buy Drug Sniffing Dog Stuff, Because… AMERICA

Juline 4

I made this pastel sketch of Chachi wearing a Drug Sniffing Dog shirt because…

Today, July 4th, 2014, is a great day to celebrate the celebrating of America, by getting yourself a Drug Sniffing Dog T-Shirt, Hoodie and/or some Stickers.

You can get stuff like that here:

And if you order today, July 4th, 2014, you can get 15% off by entering code:


Drug Sniffing Dog T Shirt

Can you lose? No we all win today.


Stay tuned for more stuff,

Geoff Mosher (a popular cartoonist)