Corpsey Lives!

Can it be? Have I gotten of my ass and drawn a new comic? Why yes, Awesome Visitants, that would appear to be the case. For you see, I have contributed a comic as part of The Infinite Corpse, the online comic that stars everyone’s favorite pants wearing skeleton, Corpsey!

Don’t believe me? Here’s the first panel of said comic (click on said panel of said comic to go to the sit and read the whole thing).


The Infinite Corpse is a comic where different artists/illustrators/cartoonists/etc… contribute 3 panels to a never ending comic. My panels followed those of my esteemed colleague Mr. Haig Demarjian, creator of the ongoing Super Inga Saga and can also be found making art stuff at Art of Haig.

And so, Awesome Visitants, it is time for me to go, but be sure to check the adventures of Corpsey over at:

Stay tuned for more stuff,

Geoff Mosher (a popular cartoonist)

A Tale of That Time I Drew Astro Boy on the Sidewalk Outside of Carmine Street Comics

Last Saturday was a Saturday (3/22/14) unlike any other, Awesome Visitants. Except! Except for the fact that last Saturday was very much like any other Saturday. Yes, that’s right Awesome Visitants, it was a Saturday that found me (Geoff Mosher, a popular cartoonist) at Carmine Street Comics drawing stuff. Stuff like this Astro Boy (a popular manga & anime character), that I did in chalk on the sidewalk directly outside of the aforementioned comic shop known as Carmine Street Comics.

photo 2


As is usually the case with the chalk stuff, I added a comics related caption to the picture of Astro Boy that I drew in chalk on the sidewalk outside of Carmine Street Comics. This is that caption:

photo 1

Tomorrow I will be back once more at Carmine Street Comics drawing stuff from 11-4. There is a strong chance that that stuff won’t be chalk related since it is supposed to rain, but there will be stuff drawn. Stuff!

Stay tuned for more stuff,

Geoff Mosher (a popular cartoonist)

Killing is Fundamental – A Jason Voorhees P.S.A.

Jason Lives Sign 2013-10-12 R

Gather ’round Awesome Visitants, for I have another tale from the era of unposted stuff. The day was 10/12/13 and I, Geoff Mosher (a popular cartoonist), descended upon Carmine Street Comics to do that thing that I do whenever I find myself descending upon Carmine Street Comics. That thing which I make do of, is to draw stuff with chalk on the sidewalk and since Halloween was approaching, I decided to draw Jason Voorhees (a popular horror movie villain) star of numerous films and knockoff Halloween costumes.

Jason Lives 2013-10-12 R

As you can see in the picture above, Jason is reading Chachi #1 (a popular comic book). This is to demonstrate that while Jason may be an unstoppable killing machine, that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy the finer things in life. Which leads us to the following picture which shows the caption that accompanied Jason on this day of 10/12/13. A caption, that fans of fine cinema will note, pays tribute to the 6th installment of the Friday the 13th series.

Full Jason Lives 2013-10-12 R

That’s right, Jason Lives… To Read Comics. Ha! That is just priceless if I do say so myself. Oh, we do have fun here, don’t we Awesome Visitants?

That’s it for today, but since tomorrow is Saturday, that means you’ll be able to find me at Carmine Street Comics drawing stuff with chalk, selling Chachi comics and other things along those lines.

Stay tuned for more stuff,

Geoff Mosher

Capn’ Joker: Part of a Completely Murderous Breakfast

The day was 10/5/2013, the only 10/5/2013 there would be on this planet during this century. It was a Saturday and so I was at Carmine Street Comics which is where I usually was on Saturdays. While at Carmine Street Comics on 10/5/2013 I did what I usually do when I’m there which is drawing stuff on the sidewalk. The thing I drew on that day, at that place was a mashup of The Joker and Cap’n Crunch that I have named Cap’n Joker. This is what Cap’n Joker looked like:Capn Joker 2013-10-05 R

Here’s what Cap’n Joker looked like with the words “Why so cereal?” written beneath him:Full Capn Joker 2013-10-05 RSince tomorrow is Saturday, you will be able to find me at Carmine Street Comics doing something like this and selling copies of the immensely popular comic known as Chachi #1 from 11:00-4:00.

Stay tuned for more stuff,

Geoff Mosher (a popular cartoonist)

Unposted Chalk Stuff Pt. 2 Groo

Groo 2013-09-28 RDuring my time off from posting stuff here, while I tried and subsequently failed to gussy up this here website, I continued doing chalk sketches outside of Carmine Street Comics. Eventually the chalk sketches would stop for a bit too, but there were plenty of sketches that were done that went unposted here before that happened. Today, I give you the tale of when I drew Groo the Wanderer on the sidewalk.

It all began when I arrived to find that my sketch from the week before featuring a character I call Pumpkin Spice Coffee Man was still there.Groo Pumpkin Lives 2013-09-28 RThis is worth noting as this new (for me anyway) phenomenon of a sketch lasting for 7 days would go on to play a greater role in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Seeing that Pumpkin Spice Coffee Man endured, I decided not to draw over him and let him fade away at his leisure.

Preserving Pumpkin Spice Coffee Man meant moving to the left and drawing my sketch for the week on a bit of sidewalk I rarely drew on. This bold venture into new territory produced the following bit of chalk stuff featuring the one and only Groo the Wanderer (a popular comic character created by Sergio Aragonés). Full Groo 2013-09-28 RI have been a fan of Sergio Aragonés for the bulk of my time on this planet and was a little surprised that it took me as long as it did to get around to doing a chalk Groo during my weekly sessions at Carmine Street comics.

Satisfied with the results of a day spent drawing Groo in chalk, I returned to my home where I… I don’t know, ate some cheese dip or something.

And so endeth the tale of the time I drew Groo outside of Carmine Street Comics.

Stay tuned for more stuff,

Geoff Mosher (A popular cartoonist)